Please note: Antler shape and size may vary. There are three different styles of eagle carving (see examples below). A Hanging Eagle with tines horizontal is our most popular order. Hanging Eagles with the tines vertical are another option, not seen as often as the others. The Flying Eagle is another favorite. Since the Flying Eagle is more time consuming to make, please take that into account for project time. Cost for packaging as well as shipping and handling will vary depending on location. 

Sheep Horn carvings are individually priced ranging from $1,000-$1,500 depending on size and quality of horn. These can be customized. 

Knifes prices coming soon.



  • small:  $400.00
  • Medium: $600.00
  • Large: $1000.00
  • Extra-Large: $1,500.00


  • $1,000- $1,500


Kinds  Of  Carvings:


  • Hanging Eagle (tines vertical): Image one
  • Hanging Eagle (tines horizontal): Image two
  • Flying Eagle: Image three


  • Message for requests: Image four through six

Order Inquiry: