FB_IMG_1541534145282.jpg Douglas Albrecht 

I’m a carver and wildland firefighter from Menominee, Nebraska, who currently lives and works in the beautiful state of Alaska. One of nine kids growing up on a farm I was taught the value of hard honest work. I moved to Alaska in 1988 following  in my father’s foot steps  and have savored every moment ever since. Lived in Talkeetna, Seward, Soldotna, Palmer, and Haines before coming to rest in Wasilla.

I spent  25 years of my career with the Alaska Division of Forestry fighting fires out of a helicopter most of the time. After that I transitioned to my current job of Emergency Manager at JBER, with the Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

I’m a true family man and pride myself in bringing home the bacon for my wonderful wife and two daughters. My son after graduating high school, went to college in Kansas where he currently resides.

I started carving antlers in 1990 and still have my first eagles I carved. Looking back at how far I’ve come leaves me humbled. I’ve created just over 1000 carvings on whale bone, mammoth ivory, antler of all kinds, and sheep horn. Carving is my outlet and I put my whole heart into every piece I make.

I’ve enjoyed 15 years as a wrestling coach, hunting, fishing, and exploring the back country by boat, plane, and helicopter. I still work on the Northern Rockies National Fire Team as an Air Support Group Supervisor. I watch Forged In Fire every time it’s on, and am currently working on building my homemade forge  and perfecting  my knife making skills.

My favorite part of what I do is helping those in bad conditions. I’ve saved homes from wildfires, rescued people in aircraft accidents, and worked on the space shuttle recovery. I’ll always look back at my life and know I’ve done something to make a difference. Even as small as providing education to communities on what to do during a disaster is a win to me. I do what I love and live my life to the fullest.